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Re: Question 002 multipart

Sep 18, 1995 02:48 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Mikhail Moiseikin:

Dear Mikhail--

May I echo the previous welcomes. It has been a source of
great happiness in the Theosophical community to see a
reawakening of interest in Russia and Ukraine. I look forward
to learning from you about the present situation.
> That why I want ask the next questions of the beginer:
> In your opinion:
> 1. How can you describe middle portrait of modern theosophyst:
> Which class he belongs to? (middle, high or low)
> How old is he? (young, middle age)
> What about education (social science, technic or ?)
Most Theosophists are middle class, but that's true of America
in general; I'm not sure that we vary greatly from the wealth
distribution of the society at large. However, Theosophists
are considerably older than Americans in general. At 41, I'm
still one of the young ones. Most are 60 and up, I think.
> 2. In your mind what about relation young people to theosophy?
It is rather common for Theosophical parents to have children
with little or no interest in the subject. We could speculate
on reasons for this, but generally I don't think Theosophists
have been very successful at attracting younger people, event
their own kids.
> 3. I ask, because it not clear for me how widely and powerful
> this movement now or during last 100 yers?
The influence of the movement in the last 100 years is
extremely powerful and wide, but even more diffuse. From the
reawakening of Western astrology, to the Indian independence
struggle, to modern art, literature, and psychology, Theosophy
has been a keynote of 20th century culture. There are multiple
fields of influence, but most important has been the
dissemination of Eastern religious ideals in the West, which
Theosophy affected strongly. Yet Theosophical influence has
often been "underground" and thus unacknowledged; lately this
has begun to change.

> HPB gave a lot for westman but what about results?
> Ideas must work for more and more people if they alive or
> should the Secret goverment in Shambala must do everythig for us?
Nothing taught by HPB even points to the existence of a secret
government in Shambhala, but regardless, we are expected to
work for Theosophy to get the ideals more widely known.
> It good time and I very glad that in own 37 I reach it.
> I am hungry but don't want return to quit communist last :)
If your finances do not allow you to acquire many Theosophical
books, I think some of us would be glad to help you out. But
we have also heard that the mail system is unreliable and books
sent may not reach you.

Looking forward to your future posts,

Paul Johnson

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