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Re: Question 001

Sep 17, 1995 05:39 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>I am Roerich's follower and read a lot remarks of
>Helene Roerich about Helene Blavatsky.
>This two resourses have different Energetics and form but
>I couldn't found any contradiction between.

I haven't read Roerich myself, but have heard good things said about
him. I noticed that the Roerich Museum is on the internet:

>Could somebody of present US teosophysts tell me who
>continue development theosofy after Blavatsky till
>our days (my be main direction) or H.B. got
>full portion of God's wisdom for our century?

Blavatsky was a single individual sent out by the Masters with
certain spiritual teachings to introduce to the general public.
Original ideas and spiritual insight is possible to any sincere
person, and certainly is found in other writers as well. What is
different for Blavatsky is that she is one of the rare people
send out by the Masters who was permitted to say she represented
them. The ideas that she presented include many that are useful
to western society, and these ideas are also presented through
numerous spiritual teachings and spiritual groups. Other ideas
that she presented include deep occult truths that few will be
able to understand, and these deeper ideas could be lost and
forgotten unless the various theosophical groups are true to
their sacred trust.

Regards from Los Angeles

Eldon Tucker

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