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Re: Where the rubber hits the road

Sep 16, 1995 04:22 AM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

Daniel Hedrick:

> >>The heat I was speaking of was Fire from heaven. Nothing like
> >>70lbs Hail of fire raining on your party.
> >
> >The only fire that comes from heaven is that which warms
> >the heart in compassion for others.
> If God or Truth is just, there must be a penalty for the unjust. You
> declare that judgement is revealed through Karma. I declare
> that judgement is God's alone.
Isn't the idea of God's judgement about consequences?

That's what karma basically is - action and reaction - consequences.
Hardly spooky. Just looking at the universe as it is.

Karma is just a word from Sanskrit for the sowing and reaping of
consequences; physical, mental and spiritual, and covers everything from
the trivial to the cosmic. It's not just about things from former lives;
it covers the present one too.

> The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. I know that
> God is not mocked. I know that for whatever a man sows he
> will also reap. What comes around goes around.
Seems a pretty clear reference to karma to me.
There are others in the bible, too. Try Matthew 7:1-2.
Perhaps you are content to say that these things are God's judgement.
Fair enough.
If others like to look at the principles and processes involved, that
should be fair enough too.

Daniel, I respect a great deal the fact that you are motivated to get out
and work with people in all sorts of miserable situations, but please
refrain from pouring scorn on others who choose other ways to give
service. Many people in the TS believe that the life of spiritual
aspiration is not complete without some PRACTICAL expression in service.

For me, the ideal is a balance of head, hand and heart.


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