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Re: The END

Sep 15, 1995 03:09 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

Eldon writes:

>Yes. From a lower point of view, that of having a personal, fixed self,
>apart from others, it is something we do. From a higher standpoint of not
>being separate from anything else in life, it is *our living connections*
>with others. And from yet a higher standpoint, *there are no others*, just
>unity, and it is the content of our consciousness.

This still sounds like gibberish. Karma has to be expanded to mean more
than the reaping of the fruit of our actions at some future date. An action
is also more than a momentary impulse. We as a being HAVE to become an
example of the LAW at work. We don't have any choice, but to grow in the
Light of Ideals.

>>It is a direction to our soul lives.
>True. From a deep part of ourselves, we *cause* the events around us.
>They are the exteriorizations of our conscousness. We bring about the
>circumstances of our lives through selectively activating protions of
>our storehouse of karma.

If the above is true, then how can you assert that the law isn't written to
produce a binding between some souls that represents a surrendering of one's
life to a greater good.

>>Salvation is attained by one's own efforts, by one's own
>>self-initiative, and any religious approach that takes away
>>one's confidence in taking charge of his life and attaining
>>it stands in opposition to the Good. No one else can save
>>one, no external spiritual teacher or deity, despite the
>>claims of some religious groups.

Another person such as a teacher could make quite a big difference in how we
choose to live, and this is the idea of salvation.

Do you remember that "the wages of sin is death." and that Jesus saved us
from "death." We aren't the "walking dead" because someone was able to get a
message through to us that we have a higher self and that there is a path to
living within its light.

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