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Re: The END

Sep 15, 1995 02:30 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker



>>Karma is not something that comes to you from outside. It is the results
>>of your past and present actions. It represents the fruit of your

>Karma is not just something we've done!!!

Yes. From a lower point of view, that of having a personal, fixed self,
apart from others, it is something we do. From a higher standpoint of not
being separate from anything else in life, it is *our living connections*
with others. And from yet a higher standpoint, *there are no others*, just
unity, and it is the content of our consciousness.

>It is a direction to our soul lives.

True. From a deep part of ourselves, we *cause* the events around us.
They are the exteriorizations of our conscousness. We bring about the
circumstances of our lives through selectively activating protions of
our storehouse of karma.

>Like behavior modification, what we haven't learned successfully has
>to be relearned.

>From one viewpoint, karma could be considered as learning. But what we
are learning is not an externally-planned lesson. We are learning about
life by doing it. We interact with others, and both they and we are
changed. That change "lives" in the karmic link between them and us.

>A soul that has no direction can't be determined to be
>fulfilling its self-initiative.

Yes, our focus of consciousness should be deep within, where the
motivating factor is from the spiritual, rather than the desires and
passing fancies of the corruptible personality.

-- Eldon

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