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Re: A. Bailey & World Government

Sep 15, 1995 03:19 AM
by Richtay

Paul wrote: "Is this on planet earth? Where have you seen it described?
This is unfamiliar to me. I'm aware of HPB's comments about
adepts scattered around the world, doing what they can to
facilitate evolution. That all these adepts around the world
somehow maintain a university strikes me as another serious
literalization of a spiritual meaning."

Paul, with all your research into Theosophy, are you telling me you've never
heard of the School of the Adepts? You've never heard of Damodar being
called away to train at the Master's ashram?

HPB speaks often of there being various "branches" of this school in various
countries -- she mentions Syria, South America, Tibet and others by name --
and that taken together, they are "the great brotherhood." She even
describes the great "temple" structure she was taken to.

Theosophy teaches that the Masters have an active, *living* tradition, with
Hierophants, chelas of all grades, and trainees or *lay chelas*. This has
all been spoken of often, and in some detail. If you choose to take it as
myth, great. But HPB seems to have taken it in deadly earnest.


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