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Re: Jeremiah

Sep 14, 1995 08:10 AM
by dhedrick

>In message <> writes:
>> As to Chistian teachings...
>> It is clear that God knew us before we were born. It is also
>> clear in biblical teachings that we were not formed until
>> we were in the womb.
>> Jeremiah 1:
>> is a good example.
>> Daniel
>It is no such thing. The writing claims to be Jeremiah's
>account of Jeremiah's experience of what God said to Jeremiah.
>Even if the text is accepted at face value, God states *only*
>that Jeremiah was known before he was born. (Verse 4).
>Clearly you cannot properly read your own source material. By
>all means "search the scriptures" as Paul advises, but do not
>dare to presume thst *your* interpretation is superior to that
>of (say) the author of the book of Jeremiah.
>How do you interpret Matthew 19:10ff I wonder?
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