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Re: True Progress

Sep 14, 1995 08:42 AM
by Thom Nelson

"TRUE PROGRESS" an article by William Q. Judge

This is a great article, and I think it really shows how much Judge was able
to keep a sense of what true Theosophy was in the midst of all the
sensationalism surrounding H.P.B. I really admire what I've read of his
work, though I don't think it adds a whole lot to H.P.B.; rather, it is true
to her and the T.S.'s real mission.

I find that I haven't really been given full access to the astral plane,
though at times in my life I have really desired it. I haven't had any Out
of Body Experiences or really lucid dreams or definite psychic experiences.
I consider myself lucky, in a way, because these things are more dangerous
than they are informative, IMHO. "Devote yourself, therefore, to spiritual
aspiration and to true devotion, which will be a means for you to learn the
causes that operate in nature, how they work, and what each one works upon."
 I interpret this as meaning true devotion to the Soul or Higher Self, since
this should be everyone's first and true master. By practicing this, the
buddhi-manasic aspect eventually takes over the Personality and brings to it
divine knowledge. Exploration of the astral plane merely accentuates the
kama-manasic aspect, obscuring more than liberating the Personality, if this
makes any sense at all.


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