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Sep 08, 1995 10:53 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> As to Chistian teachings...
> It is clear that God knew us before we were born. It is also
> clear in biblical teachings that we were not formed until
> we were in the womb.
> Jeremiah 1:
> is a good example.
> Daniel
It is no such thing. The writing claims to be Jeremiah's
account of Jeremiah's experience of what God said to Jeremiah.
Even if the text is accepted at face value, God states *only*
that Jeremiah was known before he was born. (Verse 4).

Clearly you cannot properly read your own source material. By
all means "search the scriptures" as Paul advises, but do not
dare to presume thst *your* interpretation is superior to that
of (say) the author of the book of Jeremiah.

How do you interpret Matthew 19:10ff I wonder?

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