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Re: Psychic and Noetic

Sep 14, 1995 00:59 AM
by Richtay


> There are clairvoyants, I am sure, who only think
> they see past lives and others who really do and perhaps they actually
> the Records for the details of past lives of people rather that get them
> from the person. Then how can the clairvoyant be sure that it is the lives
> of that particular person that they see? It seems to make what is seen
> rather chancy and it is mostly impossible to prove if they are right or
> wrong.
I think yo make a really good point here. There is another point. According
to the original teachings, the astral light in general (and it is a BIG
place) is what receives impressions from action and thought on this, our
plane. There are seven layers or aspects to this astral plane, high and low,
corresponding (but not the SAME AS) our own principles, because both draw on
the laws of nature. Mr. Judge likens the astral light to the retina of the
eye, which retains an image passing through the eye for a very short time in
proportion to a person's life. The astral light retains an image for the
exact same proportionate time, relative to the "life" of the manvantara.
 (Someone else can do the math ...)

So even in the astral light, in the lower levels, the events recorded fade
out eventually (though it may be a long long tim ein our measurements). The
Akasha, as used by HPB (not the Hindus) has two primary meanings (1) a cosmic
"element" and (2) the higher (noetic) aspect of the astral plane. It takes
one extremely pure to rise to such a refined plane, and there NOT the details
but the MEANING and SPIRITUAL ESSENCE of events are retained.

It would seem that when people speak of going to the Akashic Records, they
very often mean only the lower planes of the astral, where they see passing
images, filtered through their own (often encrusted and foggy) auras and
minds. Clairvoyance is an exceedingly tricky business, ever confusing and
disorienting, as Bee suggests. Still, it is easier than seeking Adeptship,
"the hardest task known to man," where the sure vision of the Buddhi is

Between astral clairvoyance and piercing Buddhi there would seem to be a huge


As for elementals, Mr. Judge has about 12 articles on them, written as
dialogues between Master and student (probably himself earlier in his life),
which are very helpful and insightful. They are usually printed under
"conversations on occultism" and can be found, for example, in the 2 volume
set of Judge articles put out by Theosophy Company, 245 W. 33rd St., Los
Angeles, CA 90007.


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