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Re: One last bone...(of contention?)

Sep 13, 1995 10:01 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

Arthur Paul Patterson wrote:

> The first rule in my opinion is to hold our interpretaion lightly ...

That's very much my own view, too.

I was highlighting the fact that one of the quotes that Daniel used to
support his position didn't actually do it very well, on examination, but
connected better with a theosophical view.

But more important than that is the reaching out to find common ground and
trying to understand, if not to agree.

> Personally I think that we would have an easier time dialoguing
> about direct experience than we would dogmatics anyday.

Yes, and dialoguing about direct experience is hard enough!

> Thanks Murray for your input it once again reminded me of the need to learn
> from each other in group.

I appreciate your input very much indeed.


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