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3 re:s in one, see masters, project, funda

Sep 13, 1995 07:37 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

Re: Labelling

You can call me a fundamentalist. I read the Fundamentals of the Esoteric

Re: Group Project

>Just in order for us to get started maybe Jerry E. would like to offer a
>topic (for next Monday or sooner), like I said it could be something
>already done or just a quick informal comment, then we could respond. I
>imagine it would be best if the topic we wrote on was something that we
>wanted a theosophical sort on from others in the group. I am not an
>academic and would really perfer it to be very informal sort of stuff. Any
>other comments? of suggestions?

Is this idea that we all find an interesting passage or give a little talk
of our own on a topic that lasts for one week? We are then allowed to
choose whichever writer we like (or disagree with) or from anything that
pertains to that topic?

RE: How do we see the Masters


When you speak about placing intuition first and using the senses as least
important, I began to think about the feelings I had when so many new people
began to introduce themselves.

I began to withdraw all of my energy from what I was occupied in on the list
and to reorganize my thinking in order to better serve the group. It almost
seemed like I was feeling shy, but that wasn't it exactly. It was more like
I was changing from one level of awareness to another. I am suggesting that
every time a new influence is discerned, the total picture changes, and my
thought processes begin to work differently. What you decide to be a
workable order today may not be workable tomorrow given a different set of

Also, my idea of fundamentals would be: 1) begin to purify the physical body
by abstaining from meat, alcohol, drugs, and by practicing continence in
one's sex life. Of course, don't miss the bigees of: Do not lie, Do not
steal, Do not kill, etc., and 2) practice silence and meditation. 3)
Purifying the speech is to be emphasized at some point. 4) Purification of
the mind and emotions likewise, but these are more difficult to describe,
using methods such as non-attachment, unselfishness, humility. Anyway, it's
a long process and it takes many years to complete. Don't try to accomplish
too much too fast because you can throw yourself for a loop. It might help
to associate with a group for awhile in order to learn purification methods.
The Esoteric School of Theosophy is there if this is your purpose.

Then, as you continue to study and make progress in this direction, you'll
find out more later.

Seven year periods in life are time periods relative to the time it takes
for Saturn to go a quarter of the way around the zodiac and is a cycle of
Mars as well.

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