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Power in the Name

Sep 13, 1995 06:46 PM
by dhedrick

I used to use mantras and mystic chants both for pleasure
and harm. Now I pray in the Name of Jesus.


I attended a church that taught heavily that the Gifts of
God were to be manifested in our daily lives for the encouragement
and exhortation of the body.

Prophecy, laying on of hands, healing, etc...were almost
common place.

I have on many occasions as the Lord willed spoke with power
and authority messages to the hearer that only the hearer could
know was from God. In other words the words I spoke had
an impact that was divine.

I told you about the DIAMOND story. Well there are so many
others that I could write for the next 8hrs and not get it all

I have prayed for the sick and on many occasions seen results
immediately. Once a father of a friend came over. He hobbled
into my home, he had severe back pain. The next day he had to
go to a Police Academy obstacle course. He went on and on
about how he had been a childrens pastor and how well he knew
the bible and other unimportant matters especially when at the
time of his son's call to me I was laying on the floor with one of
the most painful headaches I had ever had. Anyway I was in no
mood to hear babbling, but I certainly wanted to pray for Him
and see restoration come into his body.

Well to make it short...He is now a policeman and I ddin't have to
take an aspirin. I too received healing while praying for him.

I personally have experienced healing for a disease that is incureable
according to doctors of our day. Yet I am healed.

Here is a real example of power. My son was brought into
the emergency ward because of seizures. The doctor insisted
on immediate surgery. But I heard clearly from the Lord
"NO" surgery. The doctors and one nurse came to me and told
me I was not making the right decision. I prayed with my wife
and she too received confirmation that Daniel Elijah was not to
be operated on. (I am no fool, I would most certainly want
the doctors to operate to save my son but I could not allow
it with such a strong impression from the Holy Spirit) We prayed
over our son in the Name of Jesus.

Well within 2 minutes after the last prayer
.He arose and said "Mommy...I want to go home".
The doctors did not know what to say. We left two hours
later and I had a hard time keeping pace with my three yr
old boy racing to the car.

I could tell you of a few times where demons were casted out

But I really want to focus on a simple fact. The Name of Jesus
Christ. Whether it be Esau Krist or JesuCristo...

All I know is that in a myriad of situations I have said
"In the Name of Jesus Christ...
be healed (and there was healing)
be delivered (and there was deliverance)

I have been in very confrontive situations where I was being
verbally and physically attacked...yet by uttering the name
of Jesus Christ the situation calmed.

I have even been attacked by those yielding powers of the demonic.
Just a local alchemist chanting and attempting to use the talismans
for my destruction. Yet again in the name of Jesus there was silence.


Are you telling me that my spiritual dose of the heavenly is
more significant than those that are about my destruction, or
more powerful than human frailities?

The bible declares
"There is no other name by which men can be saved
except by the Name of Jesus Christ"

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"

"Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that
Jesus Christ is Lord"

There is no power whatsoever in the name of Daniel K. Hedrick.

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