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Re: Group Souls and Spirals

Sep 13, 1995 05:24 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd


>Murray:>Reminds me that the 2-dimensional spiral is quite a common symbol in
>>some cultures, often portrayed with 3 and a half turns or circuits around
>>the center.
>We can combine mathematical symbols and get others that contain more meanings.
>The book "Turbulent Mirror", which goes into chaos, gives a quite wonderful
>collection of mathematical and geometric symbols. One that is new, that was
>not popularly known in Blavatsky's time, is that of the fractal.
> ..... certainly fractals, things like the mandelbrot set and bifurcation
>curve, should prove to be even richer sources of intuitive insight into the
>mathemtical (and spiritual) side of life!
Yes, I agree about fractals etc. Along with the hologram, I think the
fractal is a great symbol of the universe itself, especially the way
its main characteristic features can be discerned at different scales or
viewing magnifications. In its many forms, the fractal is a graphical
demonstration of
1 how the properties of the whole can be found in the parts,
2 a unity of similarity throughout,
3 "As above, so below", and
4 the profound beauty that can arise from the application of "law", in
 this case mathematics.

Must read that book, too. Thanks


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