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Psychic and Noetic

Sep 13, 1995 05:15 PM
by Bee Brown

I have been pondering over the last paragraph that Rich wrote on 9/9/95. It
caused me to created great waves in my thought world.
He said: "It seems to me that any clairvoyant who can see his (or anyone
else's) past lives
in detail, see what one looked like, what clothes one wore, etc., can only
be operating on the PSYCHIC level, not the NOETIC, because the Noetic
doesn't register such mundane details. It retains, according to HPB in this
article, only the spiritual essence and meaning of events, not the outer
details of the events themselves. The higher Manas or Noetic action has no
connection to the body directly, and can only operate through the Embodied
lower manas or Psychic action. Under this view, almost all clairvoyants and
other unusually gifted people today are Psychic and not Noetic."

I would be pleased to have corrections or comments on my thoughts. Remember
that this is my synthesis of what I have read and may not be very technical.
When an incarnation is over, the elements of the Groundcrew (physical,
astral, mental bodies we use while in incarnation) are reabsorbed into the
pool of elemental essence and do not retain the specifics of the life, only
the general tone established by the soul in that life. If that soul had made
spiritual gains then there is an uplifting effect on the essence and it is
reabsorbed into higher vibrations than it was before.
The soul then spends time whereever it goes and when the desire to
reincarnate comes over it, it may have increased its spiritual content more
that last incarnation. It then picks up a Groundcrew that is a little finer
in essence than the last incarnation but certainly no memory of the previous
life. As you said, the soul is only interested in the spiritual essence and
the meaning of events. So I pondered on where these past lives seen by
clairvoyants were located and the logical answer to me was, the Akashic
records. All we do, think and experience is imprinted in the akasha. So if I
was able and wanted to review some previous life, I could consult the
Akashic records for the details that my soul could not supply directly. Is
this where we also consult in our soul state, the details necessary to
organise our next life? There are clairvoyants, I am sure, who only think
they see past lives and others who really do and perhaps they actually check
the Records for the details of past lives of people rather that get them
from the person. Then how can the clairvoyant be sure that it is the lives
of that particular person that they see? It seems to make what is seen
rather chancy and it is mostly impossible to prove if they are right or
wrong. Personally I have no really pressing urge to know what I was before.
I have had some personal impressions of one or two but they are interesting
but of little bearing on what I am about this time. They would appear to
point to reasons for some of my peculiarities but who knows.
The psychic abilities probably operates through the lower manas and connects
with the manas of the other person and thereby a path to the location in the
Akasha is opened at the 'correct page', so the speak. We all have our unique
signature sound and this may be what is used as a guide.
Hope this makes sense but I have been thinking about this for the last few
days and would appreciate some suggestions. Iam very interested in the
elemental essences and their function in our lives.
Thank you for your patience,

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