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Sep 13, 1995 12:30 PM
by Thom Nelson


I'm going to jump in here and say what I think Monads are, and it might not
be the PC, "Blavatskyan" take, but I consider what I've read of SD to be a
source, nonetheless.

What we call Monads or what Heindel calls Virgin Spirits, the beings which
make up a "life wave" in a chain of globes, linked into an entire scheme and
with other schemes in a solar system. These are _individual_ sparks of life
, which are evolving in space-time in several dimensions at once. From this
Monad (Virgin Spirit or Spiritual Self) comes the Soul (Higher Self) which
is a synthesis on the "higher" (inner?) Mental plane of Atma-Buddhi-Manas.
That Soul projects itself into the physical, astral, and lower (outer?)
mental planes as a personality. This process has taken place in other
rounds and on other chains and in other schemes, and on a more cosmic level
with solar systems, constellations, and such. This manifestation is, as
Eldon says, "the dance of life", the way by which a piece of the Unknowable
All breaks off into form and then dissolves back again into the Unknowable.
And this is a HUGE thing, not just something happening in our little system.
 H.P.B. may have said "the essential or supreme Spiritual-Divine Monad is
our ultimate source or root" But she may have meant a higher Monad then the
Human Monad or "Virgin Spirit", that of a Solar System, a Galaxy, or
whatever huge monstrous endless being we're living inside. Or she could
have meant The Unknowable Source of All, which could also be a Monad. Monad
simply connotes unity, be it human, planetary, solar, or galactic. But
whatever we're talking about, we're talking about synthesis, whether you
call that synthesis evolution or involution, it is a great synthesis, with
infinite Pralayas and Periods of Activity until all is absorbed into the
Great Unknowable All. Something then splits off again and forms yet another
unfathomable eternity of space and time. Are we better for it? No, we're
perfect. Did we gain experience? I would say yes, but who knows if all
isn't just forgotten when everything is finally reabsorbed.

Love and Light,
Thom Nelson

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