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Re: "source teachings"

Sep 13, 1995 05:27 PM
by Bee Brown

>According to Eldon B. Tucker:
>> When we've made Theosophy a part of our lives, anything else that
>> we take in tends to be consistent with it, or have some way of
>> coexisting in harmony. Otherwise we create a discord in ourselves
>> that leads us to walk away from Theosophy, or to drop the other
>> materials.
>I may be a minority of one on this issue, but my experience is
>almost 180 degrees away from the above observation. Let me
>rewrite it my way:
>When we've made Theosophy a part of our lives, any conflicting
>paradigm we encounter can be a source of creative tension from
>which we grow in understanding. It is an absolutely necessary
>part of spiritual/intellectual maturation to face apparent
>discord and integrate diverse viewpoints. Once we have been
>deeply touched by Theosophy, we can never walk away from it;
>other materials provide an unending series of opportunities to
>better understand Theosophy through comparison and contrast.
>Either/or avoidance of other viewpoints does a disservice to
>the universality of Theosophy.
Hear, hear!!
I use my love of Theosophy as a background through which I filter much of
the other viewpoints I subscribe to. Sometimes it isn't easy but in the end
the feel of truth is what wins. If it doesn't quite fit into Theosophy as I
understand it now, then I hold it in another place until I get it sorted out.

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