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Re: Re to Paul's Meditations

Sep 11, 1995 07:01 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

Jerry S.

> [writing to Paul:]

>As a suggestion, try
>to follow the thoughts and sounds for awhile without being
>critical or worrying about where they come from. Then, at
>some point, look between any two of them. The space between
>any two thoughts or sounds is the Voidness or Emptiness that
>Buddhism talks so much about.

This sounds like working on manas-atma, on the essential
nature of thought, above and beyond the relation of a
particular thought to any object of thought.

Another approach is to forget the mind. Let it be. It can
continue on its own noisy way, but we're listening or enjoying
with intense interest *another manner of appreciating life*.
Our consciousness is multi-spectrum, it exists in many
continuous flows or streams. We can simply enjoy another
stream than that of thought, without having to dam it up,
to stop the flow, or to divert or mess with it in any way.

>The emptiness (formlessness)
>between your thoughts is much more important than the
>thoughts themselves.

Your suggestion to Paul is good. Any visual image is helpful
for hints as to what to do. But the hints are only to help
us to pay attention *to something already going on in ourselves.*
None of the hints are literal truth about what is going on, they
are just mental images to point our attention in the right

-- Eldon

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