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Re to Paul's Meditations

Sep 07, 1995 08:07 AM
by Jerry Schueler

I am posting this response to Paul again. I don't think it went through the
first time. If it did, then please disregard this (I'll get the way to do mail
on AOL down yet).

Paul:<But my question to you all is: how right or wrong is it
to go with the flow of such images, sounds, etc., rather than
resist them? >

In terms of yoga, your question has no right or wrong answer.
You can go either way, because both can be yogas to practice.
 If your objective is stopping thought (one of the higher
yogas), then observing these images and sounds is wrong and
you need to ignore them. If your objective is watching your
thoughts, then you need to simply go with the flow and
observe without emotion what is happening. I used to
practice both of these types of yoga. As a suggestion, try
 to follow the thoughts and sounds for awhile without being
critical or worrying about where they come from. Then, at
some point, look between any two of them. The space between
any two thoughts or sounds is the Voidness or Emptiness that
Buddhism talks so much about. The emptiness (formlessness)
between your thoughts is much more important than the
thoughts themselves. Just a suggestion.

 Jerry S.

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