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Evangelism and dogmatism

Sep 07, 1995 08:27 AM
by euser


Your tone of writing is demeaning and shows a complete lack
of understanding of what True Christendom is.
Remember that Christ spoke to the masses in parables and allegories,
so taking his words literally is contradictory to what Christ Himself
(and St. Paul) says. Also, if you have any bit of commonsense left in you,
you would start to critically think over some ideas stated in the Bible,
which, BTW is a selection of texts only, and probably not the best selection
too! (and also has been tampered with..)

One example: you refer to the genealogy in the Bible; taking this
literally leads to the preposterous conclusion that our earth was created
an odd 6,000 years ago, a conclusion that has been clearly refuted
by science long ago. Deny the facts of science and you will be declared
pathetic, or, a dogmatic pur sang, a blinded man.
BTW, the genealogy of the Bible is an emblem for certain cycles of nature
and more..(see Isis Unveiled II, HP Blavatsky).

Study your Bible again, with the aid of Theosophy and you will see
a brilliant Light be thrown upon it, the Light of the Holy Ghost.
You seem completely unaware of the early Gnostic gospels and the
pearls of wisdom that can be found in them. You seem to know nothing
of the history of Christianity and the fabrication of the dogmas
of the several churches. In one word: you show complete IGNORANCE
of the background of your own religion!

Further on, I would suggest that you comply with the rules of this list,
which were sent to you at the time of your subscription or else draw
your conclusion: that this list is not the right place for you..

Dialogue is ok, monologue is for the fundamentalists..

Willfully closing your eyes and shutting your ears for sincere opinions
of others is a SIN against the Holy Ghost.

A fundamental anti-fundamentalist

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