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Re: Former Christian

Sep 07, 1995 09:03 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd"
> True. The challenge arises when trying to carry out the spirit of one of
> our primary and hopefully least-hidden agendas. The Original Program
> statement puts it well with regard to members, and I don't think it has
> much less relevance to non-members.

Doesn't that cut both ways, Murray? I don't think you are
taking into account the aspect of HPB's quote which emphasizes
the expulsion of people who refuse to recognize the rights of
others to their own beliefs. No one here is interested in
refusing Daniel's right to believe whatever he wishes; but his
own words make it clear that he has no such respect for us.
When he calls Art and Alan tools of Satan ("misled by the
Prince of the Air" was his phrase I think) then he has gone
over the edge IMHO, and should be asked to leave.

Cyberspace is a world in which any fanatic can wander into any
discussion and disrupt it with vituperation and denunciation.
It's just a sad fact of life that lines have to be drawn.
Perhaps I'm wrong about where the line should be, but it
irks me to see someone as cherished as Art being used as a
punching bag by a fundamentalist.


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