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Re: Former Christian

Sep 07, 1995 03:18 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

Replying to Jerry S.

> Murray:<The proximity of somebody thinking very differently from ourselves is
> a challenge to try and find common truth under the outwardly different words
> and concepts, hard as it might be, in the midst of the cut and thrust of
> ideas.>
> The problem here is that you each have far different goals (hidden
> agendas, that in this case are not so hidden).

True. The challenge arises when trying to carry out the spirit of one of
our primary and hopefully least-hidden agendas. The Original Program
statement puts it well with regard to members, and I don't think it has
much less relevance to non-members.

> Other than having a little
> fun, I doubt that anyone will convert or change anyone else.

A little is about all there seems to have been of fun on this topic, sofar.
I don't think we'll see any conversions either, but change has already

Murray Stentiford

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