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At last, psychic and noetic action (1)

Sep 07, 1995 12:25 PM
by Richtay

I only have a little time tonight, I have TONS of schoolwork due tomorrow.
 But, skipping over some preliminary criticisms of 19th century science, I
will start in with the good stuff.

Thus the whole conclave of psycho-physiologists may be challenged to
correctly define Consciousness, and they are sure to fail, because
Self-Consciousness belongs alone to man and proceeds from the SELF, the
higher Manas. Only, whereas the psychic element (or KAMA-MANAS or what the
Kabalists call NEPESH, the "breath of life") is common to both the animal and
human being--the far higher degree of its development in the latter resting
merely on the greater perfection and sensitiveness of his cerebral cells--no
physiologist, not even the cleverest, will ever be able to solve the mystery
of the human mind, in its highest spiritual manifestation, or in its dual
aspect of the PSYCHIC and NOETIC (or the MANASIC), or even to comprehend the
intricacies of the former on the purely material plane--unless he knows
something of, and is prepared to admit the presence of this dual element.
 This means he would have to admit a lower (animal), and a higher (or divine)
mind in man, or what is known in Occultism as the "personal" and the
"impersonal" EGOS. For, between the PSYCHIC and the NOETIC, between the
PERSONALITY and the INDIVIDUALITY, there exists the same abyss as between a
"Jack the Ripper," and a holy Buddha. Unless the physiologist accepts all
this, we say, he will ever be led into a quagmire. We intend to prove it.

It's all I can do tonight, maybe I can muster more on the weekend.


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