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Re: Bailey, PSYCHIC and NOETIC

Sep 11, 1995 01:18 AM
by Aprioripa

>Frankly I would like to hear a bit more about Bailey.

 There is a book called "The Unfinished Autobiography" by her available
through most new age and regular bookstores.

>I was reading the
>article on Suffering in the latest issue of Quest and her history came up.
>She was a fundamentalist and made the shift to something else.

 Yes, she read the SD and taught classes on it.

>I am very
>interested in transitions like that so whatever you think will imform me
>would be helpful.

 The adventures that brought about her realizations of theosophy are
written about the autobiography. She had several experiences early on with
the Mahatmas and later had on-going communication with them (including D.K.
sending a package by normal post). She wrote about fifteen books over thirty
years but it was not publically known that D.K. was authoring most of them
until some years into the work.


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