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Re: Bailey, PSYCHIC and NOETIC

Sep 10, 1995 10:19 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>There are many sources through which the Mahatma's work, Bailey is one
>of many.

>HPB and AAB taught the same principles and rules of the path. On this
>list these principles are enjoyably discussed.

Discussing the basic philosophy is a good approach. There won't be complete
agreement. There are a number of points that I might make that you would
likely disagree with. But there are others that you would find interesting
and useful. I understand that Bailey students appreciate the book "The
Divine Plan" by Geoffrey Barborka. He was a Point Loma student and wrote
what would be considered source Theosophy. There are shared interests in
our studies on 'theos-l', and we will get to them over time.

I know one long-time student of Bailey and HPB, who later gave up his
belief in the Bailey materials. One key point that he mentioned to me
was the stress on a sense of an occult hierarchy as world government,
ruling what goes on in the world. This might be an example of where the
Bailey materials diverges from the source writings, and I would tend to
disagree with the idea. (In fact, about two years ago on 'theos-l', I
wrote something about the idea.) Assuming that there are such differences,
can we acknowledge and explore them without having to denounce anyone
nor go to extreme lengths to try to show that Blavatsky somehow supported
the idea?

-- Eldon

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