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Globe D

Sep 09, 1995 05:55 PM
by Richtay

Jerry: > If you are referring to Globe D, then I strongly
> disagree. Globe D is only for evolving our physical bodies. I think that
> this goes back to earlier discussions on this subject, in which we are
> totally different models of the planetary chain. I take the model given by
> HPB in the SD as appended by G de P, which is a slight variant of the
> Qabalistic Tree of Life.
If your model is HPB, Jerry, I'm afraid I must disagree with you about Globe
D. Globe D may be the physical globe, but all seven of our principles have
incarnated here with us on it, and all seven are in process right now,
hopefully for the good.

According to HPB, there will be seven great races on this Globe during this
Round, and there is much more to be accomplished than evolving the physical
body. HPB's primary concern during her incarnation among us (on Globe D) was
to evolve us morally and mentally, not to help us build better bodies.

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