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Question to Jerry S.

Sep 09, 1995 06:52 PM

Jerry S.,

Several months ago, Adam Warcup asked you about your understanding concerning
the relationship between the globes of the Earth chain and kamaloka
and devachan. Did you ever reply to Adam's query?

IF I remember the details of his question (I can't say that I do!), he was of
the opinion that your understanding of the globes did not dovetail with what
is said by HPB and the Mahatmas in their writings. I don't want to speak for
Adam since I may not be recounting accurately what he posted.

What does Globe D consists of? Does it have seven principles?

Is Kamaloka within Globe D? or is kamaloka "located" on Globe E or.....?

Would appreciate your comments. Maybe Adam will repost his original question
and add some comments. etc.

Daniel Caldwell

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