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Boston Lodge

Sep 10, 1995 03:21 PM
by Richtay

> I am a member of the Boston Lodge but am still a member
> of the Wheaton organization. The Boston Lodge now calls itself "The
> Theosophical Society in Boston"; it is still a vibrant organization, with
> about 80 members and a new building in the center of Arlington, which is a
> suburb of Boston.
> Zack

Yes, Zack, I remember working with you on the board. To be honest, though,
the Arlington T.S. (The old Besant Lodge) is not called "The Theosophical
Society in Boston" but rather "of Boston." It is not a branch of Wheaton any
longer. You are a member-at-large of Wheaton, are you not? The Arlington
branch has no official connection to the Wheaton HQ or the greater
Theosophical Society in America, and thus exists as an independent
organization pursuing not only HPB but also Bailey, Agni Yoga, etc.

When I was there, very little emphasis was placed on study groups. I offered
the only one, on the Secret Doctrine, and there were all of 3 members,
including me. Most all the emphasis was on the "festivals" where palm
reading, tarot cards, auras and channeling were the attractions. There were
also high holidays (Easter and Wesak among others) and observations of the
full and new moon. Also lectures on extra-terrestials, etc. This was what
caused the rift with Wheaton, that very little of the core Theosophical
teachings were being studied, and the lawsuit was brought on by the Regional
Director of New England, one of the 9 members of Wheaton's top council.

Please correct me if my memory serves me wrong.


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