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Re: living traditions

Sep 10, 1995 03:17 PM
by Richtay

Liesel (to Rich): > In your mish-mash note you say
> "It is a living tradition among the Adepts..."
> A little above you say "The Masters preserve & practice that
> esoteric parent source which has existed *unchanged* through
> the millenia - or so Theosophy teaches"
> I wonder where theosophy teaches this. Couldn't be in the
> "Mahatma Letters", because the Masters were Buddhists and the
> Buddha is the one from which I learned that the one thing in
> life that is certain, is that things will change. If it's a
> *living* tradition, it will change. Those 2 go hand in glove.

Again, it seems fruitless to get ourselves into an argument over this kind of
thing. Like I told Patrick, the arguments are not really directed at me, so
you can argue with Blavatsky, if you wish. At the end of *THE KEY TO
THEOSOPHY* she writes,

"Enquirer: Tell me, what do you expect for Theosophy in the future?

Theosophist: If you speak of THEOSOPHY, I answer that, as it has existed
eternally throughout the endless cycles upon cuycles of the Past, so it will
ever exist throughout the infinitudes of the Future, because Theosophy is
synonymous with EVERLASTING TRUTH."

One couldn't ask for a clearer or stronger statement.

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