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The 12th Annual Gathering

Sep 10, 1995 11:25 AM
by Jerry Schueler

The 12th Annual Gathering in northern (and very
rural) Maryland on the 9th, went very well. I think
Paul's talk went over nicely - it was extremely good.
 If it were written down, I would ask him to post it
here. He also presented his main thesis and used
Jungian models of psychological types to explain why
some theosophists are happy while others are angered
by his books. Ed Abdill gave a very nice, and
informative, talk on the Masters. He quoted a lot
from the MLs, and spoke a lot of beginner stuff, but
he is a good speaker and kept it interesting and
lively. All in all, everyone had a good time. No
one was anger at Paul and no one directed any
"pointed" questions. Everyone was friendly and
remained so (Paul was surprised at this, but I
wasn't). Anyway, I was glad to have a chance to see
Paul again, and I wanted to let everyone know that it
went well. BTW, I ran into several people who listen
in on theos-l, and Paul and I both introduced a new
member to our online dialog who should be signing on

 Jerry S.

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