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Sep 10, 1995 11:25 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>Under this view, almost all
>clairvoyants and other unusually gifted people today
>are PSYCHIC and not
>NOETIC. This would seem to apply to CWL as well.

I am not sure who wrote the above quote, but it was
apparently an Adept. Who else can make such broad
and sweeping descisions?

The distinction between higher and lower, between
psychic and noetic, between kama-manas and
buddhi-manas is sometimes obvious and sometimes not
so obvious, but to claim that "almost all" such
activities are the lower, or psychism in the
theosophical sense of kama-manas, is absolutely
ridiculous (and very egotistical). I think it much
more probable that every true psychic, including CWL,
receives some information through kama-manas and some
through buddhi-manas. It is up to us, as readers and
discerning students, to tell which is which.

 Jerry S.

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