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Re: "source teachings"

Sep 07, 1995 11:55 PM
by Geraldjs

Rich:<Yes, and anyone who CLAIMS to write for Mahatmas is sure to get a
following, whether those claims are true or false.>
 Anyone who CLAIMS to write for the Mahatmas will likely be
laughed out of town by the theosophists themselves. HPB's reincarnation will
have a hard go of it, I am sure. Like Jesus says, everyone wants signs and
wonders or "proofs." As I have said many times, truth and falsehood are both
within yourself - we must each look within ourselves to see the truth or
falsity of any teaching, regardless of source. For this very reason, every
Messenger will have some followers and some detractors. This is an occult
law, and each Messenger accepts it as a given. They may not like it, but
they accept it. HPB clearly did.

 Jerry S.

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