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Re: Eldon on Politics in the AT

Sep 07, 1995 11:55 PM
by Geraldjs

Paul:< I've found many other teachers-- Gurdjieff, Jung, Cayce,
astrological writers-- to be more helpful at the level of daily life.>
 Exactly. You said it well, Paul. It all depends on how we want to
define the "path." I was speaking of an individual path towards spirituality
or Gnosis. I think that she was deliberately vague on this because she did
not want the TS to become "halls of magic" or a training ground for
occultists. So far, it hasn't. Would-be occultists and psychics must go
elsewhere for their training, but theosophy does provide an abundance of
theoretical material, as well as the emphasis on moral development. For a
personal approach, I see the first step of the Path as moral development,
followed by the second step - development of compassion. After that, it
becomes very personal and can vary quite a bit.

 Jerry S.

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