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Re: Eldon on Politics in the AT

Sep 07, 1995 06:38 AM
by Geraldjs

Rich:<She rejects PLENTY, and teaches a very positive, well-defined path.>
 I agree that she rejects plenty (most all of exoteric Christianty,
BTW), but I have a hard time swallowing the idea that she gave us a clear and
well-defined path to tread. In fact, I have found very little that she
offered us as a path. Be compassionate toward others, and do good deeds, and
so forth, and so on. She also said that Raja Yoga was helpful. What else?
 She did give us a long laundry list of do's and dont's for "chelas" who
serve "Masters" as taught in Eastern occultism, but this is of little help to
us in the mid-nineties in the USA. What else? I would suggest that her
teachings in fact go the other direction - they are deliberately vague to
allow a great deal of flexibility, because the Path must be tread by each
individual in his or her own way, and there are no "right" rules to follow.

 Jerry S.

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