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Re: Eldon on Politics in the AT

Sep 06, 1995 02:02 PM
by Richtay

Keith: "Theosophy is so open it almost presumes a previous religious
training(IMHO), I mean one can not go beyond language (religion) if one does
not have a mother tongue
(Church). This is another topic really but theosophy seems not to be only
the root, but probably more the fruit of each religion (the esoteric core, no
pun intended)."

Well, this may be the Theosophy (or, non-Theosophy) you've been taught in the
Theosophical Society or some branch thereof, but the entire discussion on
this board the past two weeks (at least) has been WHAT IS THEOSOPHY?

In my opinion, in in the opinion of quite a few, Theosophy is not "anything
goes" but it has become that over the last century in the T.S. For many other
groups, like ULT and TS (pasadena) it is a strict path, with specific
teachings taught and specific other stuff rejected. It is a very carefully
crafted path, and only draws on other traditions by way of example or
parallel, it has it's own fully developed ideas and practices. HPB herself
wrote enough material to keep most of us going for at least a lifetime. She
rejects PLENTY, and teaches a very positive, well-defined path.

Many on this board do not like this view of Theosophy, and they are welcome
to their view. But I strenuously disagree that Theosophy is a hodge-podge of
this and that, and I hold to the lines laid down by the Masters and the
original teachings.


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