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Re: "source teachings"

Sep 07, 1995 06:21 AM
by Geraldjs

Rich:<But I don't agree that the Teaching evolves. If Theosophy is truly
"truth" based on facts in nature, then it simply IS and does not change.
 However the PRESENTATION of those truths may vary from culture to culture,
time to time.>
 This is a hard nut to crack. I rather see theosophy as a presentation
of truth (and only one of many such presentations), and would never never say
theosophy *is* truth (nor would I say *anything* is truth per se, because I
believe that truth is infinite and eternal and incapable of labeling). You
use theosophy with a capital T, which is usually meant to imply the current
movement and its attendant organizations. I don't know if you meant it this
way or not. Anyway, HPB very clearly admitted to holding back some
information ("truths" if you will). She said that the time was not ready
yet. So, theosophy as presented in the Source Teachings or Core Teachings
(and I rather like Jerry H-E's definition of HPB, The MLs, and Judge as a
definition of core teachings) is incomplete as given out. Evolution has
nothing to do with it. So, here is the real problem for us - when someone
comes along and says "Look, here are some more of the Teachings that were not
given out in the core teachings" how are we to receive this? Do we reject it
out of hand as being "secondary?" Perhaps we must ultimately each answer
this question in our own way.

 Jerry S.

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