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Re: Channelling ...

Sep 06, 1995 09:44 PM
by Bee Brown

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>> >Bee:
>> >
>> somehow standing my
>> consciousness to one side and allowing some energy that terms itself the
>> 'elder brother' express its ideas. It is like live chat shows, if I do not
>> want to pass on any idea to be expressed that I may not agree with I have
>> the option of saying no and the energy will rephrase it or leave it out. I
>> feel perhaps I should not impose my meagre judgement so it is only rarely
>> that I do so but the idea is that I can do so if I wish. I also allow what
>> would be considered an extraterrestial energy to have a say and that one is
>> also informative and quite humourous as well. Then also this has developed
>> the ability to 'know' something in my mind that I may have been meditating
>> on. It just arrives in bulk and yet it is understood
>> completely all at once.
>This is pretty much *identical* with my own experience, even the
>observation that the "extraterrestrial" energy is humerous in a
>way that others are not! I know exactly what you mean about
>arriving in bulk - it once took me a week and nine pages of
>writing to get down what was received between one step and the
>next (when walking in the street).
>> I have left the 'who' of channelling in the yet to be decided basket
>> and as long as it proves useful I shall use it but if it all gets silly then
>> I can put it down to an interesting experience.
>I never got silly for me, but the need to use it receded
>according the the need of the recipients (apart from me, that is
>- I still get stuff coming through from time to time). I never
>found it getting silly - though often the students did. My
>favourite quote from an "extraterrestrial" source is still, "You
>humans take youselves far too seriously."
>Please send E-mail to:
>Thank you for that confirmation. I get a bit hesitant to mention E T's
because of the strange looks I get. We had an interesting experience where a
clairv. member of our group saw the E T's in the room on the space station
and I channelled the conversations. Very different. I do agree with what has
been said that one has to remain detached and as pure as it is possible to
be, to avoid the risks that HPB outlines so well in Isis Unveiled. It has
given me food for thought and I have stepped back a bit to reevaluate the
situation. I have been told that my higher self is the relay station, so to
speak, through which the channelling takes place. If it comes from the
personality then it soon gets 'silly'. The hows and wheres have been
explained to me and it makes sense so when the need arises, I respond.

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