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Channelling ...

Sep 05, 1995 05:18 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> >Bee:
> >
> somehow standing my
> consciousness to one side and allowing some energy that terms itself the
> 'elder brother' express its ideas. It is like live chat shows, if I do not
> want to pass on any idea to be expressed that I may not agree with I have
> the option of saying no and the energy will rephrase it or leave it out. I
> feel perhaps I should not impose my meagre judgement so it is only rarely
> that I do so but the idea is that I can do so if I wish. I also allow what
> would be considered an extraterrestial energy to have a say and that one is
> also informative and quite humourous as well. Then also this has developed
> the ability to 'know' something in my mind that I may have been meditating
> on. It just arrives in bulk and yet it is understood
> completely all at once.

This is pretty much *identical* with my own experience, even the
observation that the "extraterrestrial" energy is humerous in a
way that others are not! I know exactly what you mean about
arriving in bulk - it once took me a week and nine pages of
writing to get down what was received between one step and the
next (when walking in the street).

> I have left the 'who' of channelling in the yet to be decided basket
> and as long as it proves useful I shall use it but if it all gets silly then
> I can put it down to an interesting experience.

I never got silly for me, but the need to use it receded
according the the need of the recipients (apart from me, that is
- I still get stuff coming through from time to time). I never
found it getting silly - though often the students did. My
favourite quote from an "extraterrestrial" source is still, "You
humans take youselves far too seriously."


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