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Re: Psychism

Sep 06, 1995 08:00 AM
by jrcecon


>Jerry S.
>"Compassion is a sure way to protect yourself on the higher
>planes." On second thought, I think you're right. While I was
>reading what you said, I rmembered that Serge taught us not to
>"protect" something against something else, because it sets up
>negative vibes. He taught us to send "thought forms" or
>whatever (he always put a whole ritual around what he taught)
>of harmony & peace to surround the person with it. I do it with
>Chou chou every time I go out. But then the question still
>remains how does JRC keep himself from getting bowled over by
>someone else's rotten vibes? Maybe what I wrote just before
>about being subjective & objective in turn while viewing them
>would do the trick. Maybe best to ask Serge, especially since
>someone on the scene has told JRC to keep away from that stuff.

Couple things ... the question was a bit more than that
of staying free of someone's vibes. Jerry's post re: the body of
light that serves as a protection in magical ritual does make
some sense, as I did make experiments with western ceremonial a
few years ago. At present, during those hours when I am inward
and engaged with angels, or even in physical surroundings that
are less than delightful it rarely occurs to me to "protect"
myself or anything like that ... (I have some new age friends
that wrap themselves "in the light" several times a day, but
this seems to me to be a subtle form of seperatism, of affirming

I suppose I believe (theoretically (-:)) that as the
human energy system matures as the result of spiritual living
it not only becomes wiser, but more powerful as well - and tends
of its own accord to elevate its surroundings rather than being
dominated by them. It also makes sense to me that one can only
resonate with something in the environment if there is a place
within oneself receptive to it ... and to me surrounding myself
with light seems to be an avoidance of sorts: If someone I'm
in contact with gets quite angry, and the energies generated by
the emotional state provokes anger in me, buffering myself with
shells of light or "techniques" of some sort avoid the (IMO)
real issue, which is that some layer of my system is still
capable of that particular vibrational frequency - and the
negative outer situation serves as a kind of diagnostic, something
that exposes (one of the thousands of remaining) flaws in my own
system, and invokes it to the surface layers of awareness where
it can be operated upon.

The question I was raising earlier had to do with a
specific kind of work ... attempting to aid the police in the
discovery of a particular person. The "white light" and other
forms of "protection" couldn't really be used, because the means
of doing the work had to do with connecting with the inner
fabric of the crime itself, and tracing the lines from it to
the one that committed it ... meaning delibrately attempting to
become aware of precisely those vibrations that "the light"
would protect one from ... sort of like walking into a swamp on
purpose because that's where something is - no matter how much
protective clothing one wears, its still a swamp, and will still
smell like a swamp, and look like a swamp, and to find what one
seeks the senses will have to be fully open to the swamp.

While I do not have anything resembling a refined energy
system, it at least has gotten beyond the point where there are
any layers left dense enough to resonate with murder ... so for
a moment it was necessary to resonate fully with a very dense and
unnatural frequency range, and the rest of my system reacted
as though it was clubbed in the head.

I never resolved the conumdrum (and hence stopped playing
detective years ago) but it still does puzzle me now and then as
a kind of theoretical problem.

(By the way, thanks for the SK address Liesel, I may write him).


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