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Re: Art's Response to Daniel

Sep 06, 1995 03:22 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to
> Art and to Theos
> I will preface this post with:
> Is it a compassionate response to allow someone to continue in something
> that destroys themself if there declaration is "I have a right to choose":

It is not your right to allow or not allow people to be
Theosophists. It's our business.
> By now you are all saying...the Evangelical is too much, look at him attacking
> and condemning....

It's not just your attacking and condemning, but your total
incomprehension of what we are here to discuss, and your lack
of interest in learning anything, that is TOO MUCH. Please go

> other than
> the Bible is inspired or it is a joke. There is no room for luke here.

SO YOU SAY. Can't jokes be inspired?
> However your declarations of deconversion have caused many to fall.
> And I would be wrong to not openly condemn your declarations.

You are clearly violating the purpose and spirit of this list.
Please go away.
> I can choose to listen to your last paragraph or I can choose to follow the
> Great Commission by the Great Master.

Go and sin no more.

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