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Re: to Liesel on Group Souls

Sep 05, 1995 08:31 AM

To Jerry S.

OK we disagree as to the definition of group soul.

As for lower & higher animals, I think some are more evolved
than others. I'm not being prejudiced, because I'm perfectly
willing to let them express whatever their being needs to
express. For instance, I notice that a lot of Chouchou's
exploring is done with her nose, so I let her smell a lot of
things she watches me use. Sometimes it's something that's not
good to smell, so I tell her "careful" & she's careful
(perhaps with my prodding). I think Chouchou has a soul too.
Sometimes she expresses "I love you", but sometimes the message
is "I love you. Give me something to eat." She even sometimes
can tell what is the cause of an effect. Like she loves to
chase the sun's reflection as it bounces off my watch onto the
carpet. She also indicates to me by her actions that she
realizes that the reflection comes from my watch. Nevertheless,
our teaching is that cats have a group soul.

What I didn't talk about in that post is how the concept of an
individual human soul fits in with Jung's collective
unconscious, & with the related Rupert Murdoch's morphogenetic
field. The reason I didn't mention is it because I don't know
how it fits in. Maybe somebody can explain it.


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