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Re: to Liesel on Group Souls

Sep 05, 1995 03:40 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

(I'm sorry. This message was sent over 4 hours ago and should have been
received before the last one.)

Jerry S:

>Living with a cattery of Forest Cats
>every day, I can see individual "souls" in their eyes with
>no problem at all. To say that they have no individual
>souls is strickly in line with Christianity, which I also
>disagree with.
>Also, I take exception to your "lower animals" as being
>very prejudist. The main thing that they are "lower" in
>is technology or what we would call intelligence. But
>everything else is pretty much there.

Even a rock is individual if you can pick it up and take it home, and even
if it can't be moved and it's stuck somewhere it may be unlike the material
it is stuck in and in that way be individual. Pull up a plant by it's root,
look at it, it's individual. The point is that while mankind on its
downward arc through mental, astral, and finally into physical existence is
reaching toward individualization, which on this fourth globe is at its
peak, so too is mankind reaching away from individualization and towards
unity on the upward arc through lesser and lesser degrees of matter until we
reach the seventh globe where we are the most homogeneous.

Is my thinking individual? Is the cat's activity individual? See the


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