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Re: to Liesel on Group Souls

Sep 05, 1995 02:50 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

Liesel wrote:
>As for lower & higher animals, I think some are more evolved
>than others. I'm not being prejudiced, because I'm perfectly
>willing to let them express whatever their being needs to
>express. Nevertheless,
>our teaching is that cats have a group soul.

There's another striking difference between mankind as a group and plants,
animals, or minerals. The range of difference in the body of the animal
means some of the animals couldn't possibly be found to exist in a crocodile
for instance and then a flea and then a puppy dog. There's no way people
would expect their puppy dog to reincarnate as a flea. Animals are in
groups, but not groups that would intermingle as people do. Mankind is
basically one family in a sense that animals, plants, and minerals are not.
Couldn't this difference cause a theory to form that would distinguish the
souls of these kingdoms from the souls of men?

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