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Re: Psychism

Sep 05, 1995 07:00 AM
by jrcecon


>For JRC
>Liesel - I said that there was a way of sort of identifying
>with this criminal, or any unsavory character, & not let it
>afftect you.
>Jerry S - yes, compassion
>Liesel - I remembered a few possibles that I think one must add
> to compassion. When Serge taught us grokking, we were told to
>become whatever we were grokking 99% but to stay ourselves 1%.
>People who practice healing by Therapeutic Touch try to heal
>the illness with their hands, & then get rid of it by a flick
>of the wrist. I don't know what great healers do, but they're
>in contact with people with undesirable vibes all the time, &
>I'm sure they don't absorb the undesirable vibes. It's
>compassion, but you also protect yourself.

Theraputic touch uses etheric - stuff I did required going a bit
more inward to work. I have heard that compassion is a means of
ameliorating negative side-effects of work like this ... but I never
fully understood how this works in practice (and haven't really done
stuff like police work in a long time) ... in this instance, I
really was full of compassion for the criminal (I can think of no
hell more terrible than waking every morning into the psyche
capable of committing murder) ... but the compassion for the criminal
proved no buffer against the horror of the crime ... fact to this day
I still shudder just a bit to think of the experience. I have known
a couple of people who *did* seem to have the knack ... an immunity of
some sort ... but decided that for whatever reason I was simply not
suited to doing this kind of work.

Liesel - when you have practiced this thing you (or Serge King) call
"grokking", have you found it to be possible to understand the core
of another being without being subject to a personal reaction to that
understanding within your own energy - system? I shur 'nuff are
curious, I am (-:). -JRC

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