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Re:psychic powers

Sep 05, 1995 04:56 AM
by Aprioripa

<<Great! More power to them. Their powers should be naturally unfolding,
and when the student is ready, the Architect (a Master, not a printed book)
will appear, prepared to take the chela under His wing.>>

 Actually, the Masters are very busy and that is why theosophical books
have been written. I believe that we must today rely much more on open
honest discussion among ourselves.

<<Forced or induced psychic unfoldment before is otherwise a kind of rape>>

 Yes, and so is caustic criticism and profanity. No one is advocating
forcing, and repression is just as harmful. An attitude of keeping things in
their proper balanced place is the healthiest. Humanity today needs a
clearer understanding of the subtle worlds. People live in a world of
emotional and mental aura exchanges and do much harm (especially to children)
because of ignorance. Such popular books as "The Celestine Prophecy",
although certainly off on some points, are part of a whole new wave of
discussion. In particular this book's emphasis on good diet and good
character, calm emotions, etc., as a prerequisite before seeing energies is a
great help.


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