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Re: Psychic Powers

Sep 05, 1995 04:49 AM
by Aprioripa

Here's some of what I've written about my own experiences on this.

 " Many people fall into the trap of thinking that because they can do
something that other people cannot do that they are somehow fundamentally
better than those other people. Anyone who feels this way is actually less
"spiritual" than the people that he is comparing himself to. Pride and
vanity will send one in any direction except the truly right direction. I
have known many people who could somewhat see and manipulate energies and
auras but who did so out of a sense of superiority over others and thereby
did the wrong energy adjustments and ended up harming themselves and those
who trusted them. To relate to the world of energies one must cultivate the
virtues of humility, honesty and courage. Humility will keep your motivation
pure, real honesty will allow you to avoid self-deception and the deceiving
of others, and courage will allow you to realize and accept the new truths
which seeing and feeling energies will reveal. There are many beautiful but
(unfortunately due to mistakes and corruption) some unpleasant sights in the
energies around us just as there are in the dense physical world and we must
learn how to deal rightly with them all. Often an energy radiation appears
light on one side and dark on the other side."

 "Humility is an actual intuitive energy that is a part of the energy of
Love which is above all other energies as far as we are concerned. Humility
is an energy of the heart and relates one to the heart of the universe.
 Honesty is an energy of a clear mind and gradually allows one to cultivate
right telepathic ability. Courage is an energy of will-power and leads to
complete fearlessness."

 " When one begins to see energies one will discover that many things are
in fact the opposite of or very different from how one has seen them before.
 Many apparently good people are actually not so good and many apparently
good human creations (such as plastics) do more long term harm than long term
good and their uses could be better served by other means (such as the new
technology that we will talk about later). One must have the unselfish
honesty to see how things really are, the kind courage to admit the truth to
oneself and others, and the sincere humility to face and learn from one's
mistakes. When these qualities are cultivated then one begins to develop the
intuitive energy field and he is on the way to being able to accurately see
energies and on the way to becoming a master of all physical, emotional and
mental energies."

>From "Seeing Auras", Copyright (c) 1995.


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