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Re: On the head of a pin ...

Sep 04, 1995 05:24 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

Subj: RE: On the Head of a Pin ...

This is to JRC and Eldon, in turn.


Please continue with your descriptions of investigations of the
"angelic" kingdom. I am most interested.


>I do not in any way universalize my
>experiences ... and am not making any claims that I am telling
>the "truth" about the angelic realm in any absolute sense.
> Eldon:
> One can take the approach of writing from personal experiences, and
> never to universalize. Another may be writing about a broad philosophy
> that is universal in nature, that describes the general patterns of
> life. The two approaches are almost like speaking in different
> languages, and from one standpoint the other would have to be rejected.
> .........
> Again, taking the "personal experience" approach is contrary to
> working with an elaborate philosophical framework.

Eldon, I think you are overdoing the distinction between these two
approaches, here.

The particular is an instance of the universal, and I would see no
conflict in using examples of personal experience in a consideration of
the universal, as long as the difference was kept clear. In fact, it's
essential to look at both, to keep them both on track.

To my mind, JRC's comment shows that he had the difference entirely
clear, and was taking care to avoid careless extrapolation or the power
game of saying "This is what I saw, so this is how it is - for all of

Murray Stentiford

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