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Re: Various comments

Sep 04, 1995 05:47 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> Jerry S.: " The Lodge itself inspires them via (dare I say the
> naughty p word?) psychism in the form of intuitive
> communications. "
> Egad. Intuition, the REAL kind, not self-deluded, is a faculty of Buddhi.
> Psychism is SENSE-PERCEPTION of the Astral nature.
> Jerry S., I agree with you, we need the idea of "source teachings" to clear
> up confusions just like this one.

Yes to both comments above. It has, though, reminded me that
"source teachings" received from (say) the Masters derive from
the teaching that they themselves received form their teachers,
who recevied it from theirs, and so on back through the
timelines. In the initiation I received via the Shankaracharya
school each guru was asked to assist, by name, going back, and
back, and back - a very long list of names of former holders of
this Himalayan office. There is still a living Shankaracharya,
just as there was when HPB mentioned him and his office.


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