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devas & elementals

Sep 04, 1995 04:38 AM

I wasn't going to say anything about this matter of devas &
elementals, because it isn't really something cogent to daily
living, but I'm just not very satisfied with the descriptions
that've ben appearing on theos-l. So I went looking for some
suitable quotes, & descriptions.

Even if Annie Besant says at 1 point that the 2 words can be
used interchangeably, it's not the way I learned it. To me,
devas are a knowing, benevolent kind of being, and elementals
are more mechanical, and sometimes not benevolent. I found a
description of elementals building the form of a foetus before
it's born, in CWL, and I remember reading that they enliven
our thought forms. Their evolution =is= on a downward arc, as
Eldon said, whereas ours is upwards again, so we sometimes need
to restrain what the elementals do, because we're working at
cross purposes.

I happen to have gone looking in "Isis Unveiled" & found "...
may properly be called nature spirits" VI p.3ll ..."ordinarily
only visible to clairvoyant sight ... By their Protean power
they can ... assume such likeness as they choose." In this
classification, I've heard mention of such beings as
I.U. VIp.285 "All humna races ... have their earthly bodies
evolved in the matrix out of the bodies of a certain class of
these elemental beings."

I.U. VIp.343 "The Kabalist knows by experience ... that each of
the 4 kingdoms (air, water, earth, fire) has its own perculiar
elemental spirits."

And to reiterate, I've listened to a series of tapes with Adam
Warcup lecturing on the SD, during which he says that several
lifewaves before the mineral were elemental.

I.U. VII p.159 "Devas means saints"

VII p.512 This one is confusing, but anyway "The word God
(deity) is derived from the Sanskrit word Deva, & Devil from
the Persian Daeva."

The words Deva, Devi, Devatta appear in the Hindu & Buddhist
tradition, so I tried to find an example of that. Took out
"Sakti & Sakta" by Arthur Avalon p.409 ".... Maha Sakti or
Supreme Power of many names .... (one mentioned is) ... the
Sapphire Devi."

P410 "Supreme Mother .... She is the Great Queen ... to Her
both Devas, Devis & men give worship..."

The idea of that there are individual devas, or nature spirits
.. whatever, involved in the care of certain things in nature
I gathered 1) from Geoffrey Hodson, because the angels he
depicted on the Wheaton Christmas cards are angels of certain
rocks or mountains & etc. 2) I also know that a certain very
skilled clairvoyant who needs to be nameless sees beings in
trees, & etc.



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