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teaching HPB

Sep 04, 1995 04:07 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>Without fail, I get at least one student who is well read in CWL
>or in Alice Bailey, and it is automatically an uphill battle to
>get any of HPB's ideas across, because the student almost always
>assumes that CWL and Bailey are consistent with HPB. Therefore,
>everything they read in Blavatsky, they filter through the Bailey
>or CWL skeins, and never can get to what HPB is trying to say.
>To counter this, I have to begin by telling that person that HPB
>does not necessarily use her terms in the same way as CWL or
>Alice Bailey. Automatic confusion immediately sets in because
>they usually never even considered that possibility before. When
>we begin talking about the seven principles, I have to explain
>that HPB's "astral body" is not what CWL means by "astral body."
>that HPB's "Linga Sarira" is different from CWL's "Etheric body",
>that the "Causal body" is not a principle per se in HPB's
>schemas...and the eyes begin to glaze over. It makes me want to
>beat my head against a wall.

Well, Jerry, this is very good work if you like it and we owe you a vote of
thanks, but not everyone is interested in approaching theosophy in this
manner. Those who enjoy it, should do it, because we could use this


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